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Our Wedding Packages

Elopement Ceremony

Investment: $550

Sometimes referred to as an elopement wedding, this ceremony can be as intimate as the bride and groom or the couple, with just a few close friends and family. Hosting typically fewer than 12 people, these bespoke weddings are booked year-round, and generally occur in the late morning on weekends or weekdays during the wedding season. It is possible to schedule an intimate elopement ceremony Friday through Sunday during the busy wedding season, depending on time and flexibility. Longer travel time may require an additional fee.

Weekday Wedding

Investment: $750

(Available Monday – Thursday)

Weekday ceremonies offer couples the opportunity to take advantage of wonderful wedding venues in wine country at more affordable price points. Couples who choose a wine country destination wedding, but wish to stay within an appropriate budget, can be assured to receive the same attention and service as their weekend counterparts by booking their ceremonies Monday – Thursday.

Weekend Wedding

Investment: $875

(Available Friday – Sunday)

This full size and service weekend wedding ceremony option includes, but is not limited to:

First Meeting

We spend this time getting to know each other via phone conversation or, if possible, in an in-person meeting. It is very important to develop a personal connection and trust with the person who will stand in front of you and your guests for your wedding ceremony. This first meeting also allows couples to share information about themselves, family, guests, and spiritual or favorite traditions.

Creating Your Ceremony

Our first goal is to establish the basic language for your ceremony. This language reflects each couple’s spiritual or non-spiritual backgrounds. I provide a range of ceremony examples to assist in this process.

The second component is the couple’s survey. Every couple is unique, and I put a very high priority crafting the ceremony to incorporate teach couple’s history, values and future aspirations. My primary goal is that every couple I have the privilege to work with look back on their wedding with a deep sense that the ceremony spoke to them, about them, and reflected who they are as a couple. Equally important, I want my couples to know that family and friends shared a genuine sense of participation during the ceremony. They may not remember all that was said, but they will remember how they felt.

As your wedding day approaches discussions in person or email regarding specifics of the ceremony and involvement of family, children, timing, music, readings, vows, religious and family traditions, and suggestions for incorporating readings and symbolic rituals into the ceremony will be discussed.

During this time, I will also work with you to obtain all necessary details for obtaining your marriage license.

Final Week Before Your Ceremony

The final order of ceremony will be emailed to you and your wedding planner the Tuesday before your wedding.

During this final week, I will make any necessary follow-up calls to the wedding couple, wedding coordinator and/or any vendors with questions.

A great deal of my personal time during these last several days is dedicated to finalizing the ceremony and confirming family names and dynamics, as well as making additional copies of personalized vows and readings.

Wedding Day Commitment

I arrive at least one hour before start of the ceremony. It is important to connect with your wedding planner, musicians or DJ, and photographer ahead of the main event.

I then meet with the bride and groom (usually separately), members of the bridal party, and parents. The final moments before the ceremony are charged with anticipation and emotion, and taking the time to clarify everyone’s place and role helps calm any nervousness.
At this point, I officiate the wedding ceremony, as planned together, in a professional, personal manner.

Upon completion of the ceremony, I obtain witness signatures on your marriage license carefully and properly. I am then responsible to file and mail the original marriage license to the County Clerk’s office where it was obtained for filing.

I am then available to engage with guests directly following your ceremony. Family and friends often appreciate being able to share their feelings about the ceremony, and I believe it is deeply important to offer my final congratulations to each new couple and their beloved friends and family members.

Lastly, you can rely on me to send confirmation of your wedding license filing and a follow-up letter.

May I first offer my congratulations and encourage you to savor this time of preparation. I have been an ordained minister conducting ceremonies since 1984. Since 2010, I have focused exclusively on destination weddings in the beautiful wine regions of Sonoma and Napa, California.

Having personally worked with couples in all stages of life has granted me the privilege to accommodate various faith paths. Each couple has their own story, which makes every ceremony I have the honor to conduct one of a kind.

I understand that your wedding ceremony is more than just the vows and exchange of rings; it is a celebration of two lives coming together as one. As your officiant, my priority is that your ceremony reflects the uniqueness of your journey from the time you met, how you have grown in love, and respects your dreams and aspirations for the future. My second priority is that family and friends feel a deep sense of participation with you during the ceremony.

It is quite normal when envisioning your wedding ceremony to have no idea where to start. From your initial contact to the signing of the license, hours of preparation, phone conversations, emails, personal meetings, connecting with your planner, travel time and, most importantly, the ceremony itself will take place. The wedding ceremony is a specific moment and should provide lasting, joyful memories for the rest of your lives.

I make a tremendous, individualized investment to every couple I work with, and in every ceremony. Please refer to the fee categories below for more information, each of which reflects the time of week or the intimacy of the ceremony.

Below is a sample of my commitment:
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  • Introductory phone conversation
  • Provide ceremony examples and survey for background information and customization
  • You are also welcome to create your own vows
  • Provide and procure the necessary information to obtain your marriage license
  • Preparation time, travel time, and facilitation of the wedding ceremony
  • Officiation of the wedding ceremony in a personalized and professional manner
  • Obtain all necessary signatures on marriage license
  • File license and send confirmation